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EZMA Fine Cashmere was conceptualized to create some of the finest Cashmere Scarves in the World. Hailing from a Textile Family, with over 6 decades of running a successful Textile Industry, Mr. Sameer, a self trained hands-on person, in his pursuit of Distinction through Innovation and to pay homage to the rich textile heritage of India, was solely driven to create EZMA Fine Cashmere to bring back the glory of Cashmere to India, where it had all started 600 years ago. Thus started the journey of EZMA, 18 years ago

Our Methods, Technology and Excellence

In pursuit of offering the absolute best, EZMA today embodies a perfect union between the best of the rich traditional Textile crafts of India and its own innovative state of the art Technology, which has every stage of spinning and weaving has helped create Superfine Cashmere Shawls using nearly 400 nm count Yarns on one end of the spectrum and also help revive 600 year old Hand Weaving techniques like the Kaani weaving on the other end of the spectrum of products offered by EZMA Fine Cashmere.

Our Quality, Reputation and Recognition

In the evolution of the journey of EZMA Fine Cashmere over the last 18 years, the single minded determination of its founder and the brand to adhere to the highest standards of quality has today brought about a select global recognition for EZMA.
This is further accentuated by the fact that EZMA Fine Cashmere today is a member of the Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI), the Standard bearer of global Cashmere, sharing the same status as some of the most prestigious Cashmere houses across the World. EZMA Fine Cashmere has been singularly awarded for its ability to spin some of the shortest natural fibers in the World to create superfine count Yarns which are then translated into ultra-light yet super luxurious Softline textiles

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