Few things stand the test of time and even fewer transcend the boundaries of time and trends. One such venture into the timeless art of weaving is Soufflé. Encouraged by the doctrine of romanticism and the concept of imbibing what you wear we bring forward a line of stoles and scarves, supple to the touch of both skin and soul.

Soufflé resonates with the doctrines of romanticism. ‘To be free’ is a powerful motivator of the design. With our light, flowing, almost fluid designs we aspire to inspire the concept of being one with nature and in turn being one with one’s self.

Our scarves aim to gently caress your skin as we hope to inculcate the feeling of plush luxury in the wearer. The stoles and scarves lines consist primarily of colors and textures that mirror the season and the feelings that go with it.

The latest line comprises of our best selling scarves and stoles over the years. Wrap yourself in an array of luxurious colors including the dusky ‘twilight’, the bright tone of ‘pale mango’ and the cheerful happiness of ‘bubblegum’. We bring back, by popular demand, the golden oldies. Let the nostalgia of years gone by, flood the senses and bring back memories of a simpler time, a more romantic era.

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