Among the group, is a keen young apprentice – Sardar Joginder Singh. He is fascinated with the way the Kashmiris weave one exquisite storyline after another. He is intrigued at their deftness with different yarns and the ease with which they handle them. Being a devout Sikh, he believes with the blessings of the Guru, he will succeed in mastering their art and techniques, and commits his mind, body and soul to greater learning. Diligently, over the next decade, with an inner voice guiding him, he decodes the language of grace – and masters complete control over the physical attributes of a pure cashmere shawl. Every shawl off his loom yearns for that sensual embrace, each piece, infused with the magical potion of everlasting love – like the first pangs of love slowly caressed into a lifetime of longing.

Over the next half a century, Sardar Joginder Singh finds his spirituality in weaving and in it, a communion with the almighty. The light that shone on him over five decades ago has made him the chosen one to show us the way. With his extensive knowledge of yarns especially cashmere, he guides us in to developing more intricate weaves and producing quality of the highest standard consistently. His skills are unparalleled and he passes them down mentoring three generations of weavers including his own, to keep this sacred art alive.

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