Finest Cashmere Scarves in the World

Introducing the New EZMA VC Shawl, An Iconic intimate Blend of Vicuna (Peru) ‘Gold of the Andes’+ Cashmere (Superfine Baby/Kid Cashmere)

This Limited Ezma Edition 23/24 Shawl is offered to select Clientele with a Certificate of Authenticity along with Wildlife Clearance as required under (CITES). The fibres imported from Peru along with Tibetan Baby Cashmere have travelled across the world to come together into an intimate blend enhancing the inherent individual characteristics of these Noble Fibres.
Please contact the Concierge +919910003962 or E-mail:
To assist you in acquiring this unique Luxury textile that exemplifies Softness, Texture, Artisanal
Craftmanship, available to only the Select Clientele at Ezma.