Finest Cashmere Scarves in the World


EZMA is the specialist luxury division owned and promoted by the family of ESSMA Woolen Mills (ESSMA Felts Ltd), an Indian household name in woolen textiles for over six decades. In 2003, with a rich legacy to uphold and the accessibility of the diverse manufacturing facilities of ESSMA on hand, Sameer Mehra undertook a detailed research project with his core R&D team that challenged them to produce the finest spun cashmere and other specialty fiber products. The inspiration was primarily to overcome the misuse and the abuse of the word ‘Pashmina'.

The challenge to erase ambiguity on the content and the disorganized pricing that existed around the so called ‘Pashmina' shawls of the time. A testing four years on, EZMA evolved - the definitive name in cashmere and other luxury textiles in the world of contemporary fashion.

Innovative experimentation that defied theories of textile production, constant testing at internationally accredited laboratories backed by arduous user trials by fashion conscious patrons of all ages resulted in the perfect blend of what EZMA and its products reflect today - a fusion of tradition, culture, colors and design. Every EZMA product is produced from the world's finest and most carefully selected materials, using traditional as well as ultra-modern conversion methods to deliver some of the world's finest fabrics.

The EZMA collection represents a fusion of modernity with tradition, contemporary with classic design and colors, and textiles to longevity. The EZMA guarantee for purity and authenticity further enhances confidence in every product brought to you by EZMA.