Finest Cashmere Scarves in the World

Precious Fibers

Baby Cashmere

Baby cashmere is a luxurious and highly sought fiber in the world of textile, this is derived from the underbelly fleece of the young cashmere goat, baby cashmere is exceptionally soft and fine and known for its rarity and luxury, it is between 13-14 micron, making it more finer than the normal cashmere. The harvesting process is labor incentive, the fibers are collected through combing or shearing and only small amount of hair can be obtained from each baby goat, the hair is obtained from goats under 12 months “Once in a Lifetime"

Baby cashmere is known for its light weight and breathable nature, its softness against the skin and insulating properties make it a popular choice for winter wear.

EZMA baby cashmere is celebrated for its exceptional softness, fineness, durability & ethical sourcing of the fiber. EZMA baby cashmere crafted from this fiber is a testament to craftsmanship & exclusivity.


Vicuna fiber is referred to as “ Gold of the Andes” due to its exceptional rarity, luxurious quality and historic significance in the Andean region. Vicuna fiber is highly precious and valuable drawing a parallel between its desirability & the precious metal gold, which has been long associated with wealth & luxury.

This fiber is known for is exceptional softness, its often described as the softest natural fiber surpassing even cashmere. Despite of its fineness and lightness vicuna fiber provides remarkable warmth and insulation.

Vicuna produce is small amount of fiber per animal each year, the shearing process is delicate and is done with care which makes it labor intensive fiber production.

Vicuna products are among the most expensive and sought after luxury items globally and EZMA Vicuna shawls stands as testament to the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury.. TheEZMA Vicuna Edition shawl is more than just a fashion statement. It is an experience, one that mesmerizes with its malleability and impeccable drape. When you touch this shawl, it becomes evident that it was crafted with love and care, evoking a sensation best described as sheer indulgence. To further accentuate the exclusivity of these shawls, each product comes with a certificate of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), ensuring the Vicuna yarn's sustainability and ethical origin. The shawls are presented inhandcrafted wooden Boxes, a reflection of EZMA dedication to detail and elegance.

Vicuna & Baby Cashmere

The mix of vicuña and baby cashmere in shawls creates a remarkable blend of elegance and luxury. Vicuña is one of the world's rarest and finest fibers, known for its incredible softness and warmth, while baby cashmere is exceptionally soft and lightweight. When combined, these materials result in shawls that are not only incredibly soft to the touch but also warm and exquisite in appearance.

The shawls showcase a delicate balance between the lustrous, fine texture of vicuña and the silky, cloud-like feel of baby cashmere. This fusion of materials often produces a shawl with a subtle sheen, exceptional drape, and a refined, understated beauty. Whether draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body, these shawls exude a timeless elegance and sophistication that is hard to match with other textiles.

EZMA takes immense pride in crafting the epitome of luxury shawls by skillfully blending the rarest fibers of baby cashmere and vicuna, we have meticulously preserved the delicate equilibrium between opulent softness and enduring durability in this masterpiece of elevated elegance.